14 Nov

The Advantage of Passive RFID

smsWe’ve written about the many benefits of RFID for businesses across a wide range of industries. Perhaps you are ready to take the next step and actually implement RFID into your operation. Now the question is, passive or active RFID?

Automatic real-time location systems built upon active RFID and other technologies are the dream for some in inventory and warehouse management—but the reality is that those systems are often cost-prohibitive and not actually necessary for meeting the objectives many businesses have, like improved accuracy and productivity.

Read our latest eguide, Considering RTLS? Try Passive RFID Instead, to find out how passive RFID solutions deliver the visibility you need at an affordable cost that isn’t a dream.

For any additional questions about how passive RFID could benefit your business, contact The SMS Group. We help companies in every step of RFID deployment, from planning to implementation. Call us at 937-498-2700 to learn more.

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