30 Sep

Technology Trends to Improve Your Supply Chain

technology_trends_to_improve_your_supply_chainAdvanced technology has quickly become a critical driver behind a strong supply chain. An effective supply chain enables companies to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and better serve their customers. Incorporating new technology into supply chain operations helps these companies realize even further gains.

To be most successful, however, strategic management of supply chain technologies is crucial. Systems and devices that do not work together can create more problems than they solve. That is why it is necessary to know the technology trends behind a strong supply chain.

From Honeywell’s white paper, Top 10 Supply Chain Technology Trends, here are some trends and technologies impacting supply chain operations:

Comprehensive connectivity

The many forms of wireless connectivity, like Bluetooth, 802.11 Wireless LAN, and cellular, already provide value to operations. What is of new significance is that these are converging into single devices and bringing convenience to IT staff and users alike.

Voice and GPS communication

Much like wireless convergence, data and voice combined onto one device delivers a wealth of benefits to users and IT. Users no longer have to switch between devices, and system admins will only need to support half as many devices.

Speech recognition

Speech synthesis and recognition capability can be easily embedded into legacy software thanks to terminal emulation. Terminal emulation provides the benefits of voice recognition—increased speed and productivity—without causing a headache for IT.

Digital imaging

Digital imaging has many applications throughout the supply chain. Companies have integrated the technology into mobile computers to capture proof of delivery, collect competitive information, record damage, and more.

Mobile printing

Mobile printing saves workers from making unnecessary trips.

2D Barcoding

The adoption and value of 2D barcodes has increased as the technology has improved. Better yet, companies can utilize the benefits of 2D barcodes without sacrificing 1D barcodes thanks to scanners that read both types.


The benefits of RFID have been demonstrated in a myriad of ways. One RFID trend particularly noteworthy is the implementation of vehicle-mounted and other mobile RFID readers. Mobile RFID provides flexibility and freedom from stationary RFID readers.


Real time location systems (RTLS) let companies extend their wireless LAN into an asset tracking system. Companies can monitor valuable products and assets in real time by equipping them with RTLS devices.

Remote management

Remote management systems enable administrators to gain visibility by managing devices such as barcode scanners, RFID equipment, printers, and more.


A strong supply chain requires strong security. New technology supports many of the leading securities used to protect wireless networks.

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