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Minimize Supply Chain Disruption with Advanced Technologies

From raw material to finished goods, the supply chain industry realizes the power of real-time visibility. The COVID-19 outbreak has brought new realities to light that, just a few months ago, seemed unthinkable. Social distancing, along with frequent cleaning of technology devices, hands, and surfaces is the new norm. Now more than ever before, the industry is showcasing resourcefulness, turning to advanced technologies to help their workers minimize close-contact scenarios.

Technology, including extended range barcode scanners, is just one device essential workers are relying on to keep up with consumers’ needs during the current COVID-19 outbreak. In this blog post, we outline three reasons to invest in extended range scanners.

  1. Speed – Speedy scanning means increased productivity and overall efficiency. Most operations need to be completed ‘ASAP, extended range barcode scanners are vital time savers. Also, extended range scanners scan sequentially, meaning that the operator can hold down the trigger to identify multiple items.
  2. Insightful operation – Essential workers can stay in place and still capture barcodes as far as 70 feet away –and as close as 3 inches. The precision of aiming technology makes it easy to pick and scan just the code needed.
  3. Resilience- Rugged scanners are ready for your most extreme environments. Most rugged scanners offer the maximum drop specification for this device category, able to handle the impact of a 6.5 ft./2 m drop to concrete. If devices are exposed to dust, mud, grease or even a spilled beverage, they will continue to operate reliably,


Utilizing extended range scanners is a critical driver behind a reliable supply chain. If you want to get more done in less time, the SMS Group is here for you. We have over 30 years’ experience helping companies find the best solutions to streamline and improve their operations. To learn more, give us a call at 937-498-2700 or fill a contact form, and we will be in touch.

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22 Jan

Four Cybersecurity Myths Putting Your Company at Risk

Every type of organization is at risk of a cyber- attack, and the most crucial defense is knowledge. By gaining perspective, insight, and understanding of the threats, organizations can take essential steps to mitigate them. We recently outlined five steps organizations in the manufacturing industry should take to combat cybersecurity threats and in this blog post, we debunk four common cyber security myths.

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20 Dec

Mobile-First Approach: A Key Strategy in 2020

The emergence of the “now economy” is impacting every industry from e-commerce to logistics to manufacturing. The Internet of Things (IoT) is here and companies have to take advantage of the on-demand economy.. This year Cyber Monday raked in a new record of more than $9 billion in sales, marking the first day in history when consumers spent over $3 billion using their smartphones, the 2019 report from Adobe Analytics showed. With this significant jump in spending, it is more important than ever before to adopt a “mobile-first” mentality to business process improvement, especially within your sales and service organizations.

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18 Dec

Five Steps Towards Secure Manufacturing

Security is critical to any companies’ daily workflow. In today’s digital world, wireless technology and networks have become more susceptible to security issues, which presents unique challenges to various industries, including the manufacturing industry. The systems used in manufacturing, specifically the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) that manage and monitor different aspects of production—have unique vulnerabilities and lack security features, such as authentication or encryption — making them highly susceptible to a cyberattack.

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20 Nov
06 Nov

Setting the Cybersecurity Bar High

More companies are taking advantage of the versatility and connectivity offered by iPhones, Android devices, and tablets. Unfortunately, many are finding that perfect app—the app that can streamline their workflow or empower their sales team, while also protecting them from the latest security threats—simply does not exist. read more

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18 Oct

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