18 Oct

Maximize Productivity with Industrial Printers

The power of a mid-volume industrial printer is often underestimated, especially in today’s digital age. Companies in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, finance, education and hospitality still have to put ink on paper, therefore printing must happen. Our partners at Zebra manufacture rugged industrial printers designed for the harshest of environments. Their ZT400 series combines field proven reliability with advanced printing speeds, ease of use and connectivity, along with RFID capabilities for real-time visibility. Companies can count on the ZT400 Series to print a variety of different label formats on a variety of different media types. In this blog post, we examine the advanced technology features in the latest models of the ZT400 series, the ZT411 and ZT421.

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10 Oct

Achieving New Levels of Efficiency with Wearable Technology

As fitness trackers and smart watches become more common, industries including warehousing, distribution, logistics and retail are turning to hands-free and wearable devices to better help streamline operations, reduce costs, and increase throughput.  According to our partners at Honeywell, companies are losing on average more than $100,000 every year in picking errors. In order to reduce this loss, they are investing in new “connected worker” solutions helping their employees work smarter, faster and more accurately.

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27 Aug

Taking Command of the On-Demand Economy

For today’s companies, the Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer coming—it’s here. Real-time insight into operations can help enterprises of any size differentiate themselves from competitors and capture a performance edge. Data insights from the technologies can open up a world of new commercial opportunities, but without the right skills or resources, companies could miss out on taking command of the on-demand economy.

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