22 Jul

The MC9300 – The Ultra-rugged Android Mobile Computer

Did you know a 76% increase in volume of online orders is expected by 2020 and 78% of logistic providers are expecting to offer same-day delivery by 2021? The best approach to combat this expected increase is to modernize your company’s mobile technology strategy now.

Without modernizing daily operations, warehouses will not be able to meet what the economy now demands. The Zebra MC9300 is out-of-the-box ready to get to work with a familiar ultra-rugged form factor, Android user interface, pre-loaded Terminal Emulation and easy migration to modern, touch-based apps. With superior scanning, the MC9300 is the ultimate device in power and performance. And, its better ergonomics requires less effort and movement to deliver superior performance on all of your voice and data apps. Shift after shift. Scan after scan. With the MC9300 you will see increased staff productivity, enhanced customer service, lower migration costs and maximum return on investment with future-proof platform.

With the help of our partners at Zebra, we’ve put together a list of top four reasons why you should consider the MC9300 to take command of the on-demand economy.

  1. Rise to meet sky-rocketing demands – Get the features you need to handle and ship more orders every day. Android offers the ultimate in simplicity and your workers already know it well. All-touch Terminal Emulation transforms your green screens into intuitive touch screens that reduce keystrokes, errors and training time. Get fast capture of virtually any barcode with the engines that set the bar for scanning performance. And maximum computing power, memory and WiFi connection speeds ensure superior performance on the apps of today.
  2. Create the perfect device for every job – With the MC9300, you get more model options than any device in this class. Choose from a wide variety of glove-friendly keypads that allow you to simplify data entry for your apps. Four scan engine options let you match the engine to your scanning need — including direct part marks and extended range scanning. Your workers get purpose-built devices that maximize efficiency and productivity, while IT gets the simplicity of supporting a single platform
  3. More ways to capture more types of data – Choose short, mid, or extraordinarily long-range 1D/2D scanning that can capture barcodes in hand and on your uppermost warehouse racks. There’s a model for the lightning-fast capture of virtually every direct part mark for track and trace applications. The optional 13 MP camera captures detailed photos and videos to document proof of condition and more.
  4. Keypad and touchscreen support for your apps – Migration to Android couldn’t be easier — the MC9300 supports your TE apps, right out of the box. The built-in keyboard delivers the same experience your workers have today — no change in workflow, no training required. And when you’re ready to migrate to touch based input, Zebra’s All-touch TE easily turns your ‘green screens’ into the elegant, touch centric and easy-to-use apps your workforce expects — boosting worker productivity and on-the-job satisfaction to a whole new level.

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Get the ultimate in workforce productivity and operational efficiency in your organization with the ultra-rugged MC9300 — only from Zebra and The SMS Group. Contact us  to learn more.

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