14 Aug

Get leaner and increase transparency with these 5 data collection solutions

More value, less waste. The goal of lean manufacturing is simple, but the process of getting there can be complex. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the helpful principles of lean thinking and highlight a few rising data collection technologies that manufacturers are using to put them into practice.

The value of your products is determined the needs of your customers.

Your buyers don’t just want products. They want products that show up on-schedule, properly labeled and packed. One way many manufacturers are adding value for customers is by using data collection systems to automatically create Advance Shipping Notices for every shipment—a strategy that some manufactures report results in a 54.3% reduction in chargebacks.[i]

Eliminating waste starts with mapping the entire process, from raw materials to end products, step-by-step.

A good map requires visibility—the kind of visibility you get from data collection solutions that quickly and automatically inventory every stock unit that passes in or out of your building. That’s why warehouse executives are planning to expand the use of barcode scanning by 67% over the next 5 years.

If the process is ever interrupted, waste is created. Synchronizing every aspect of production is critical.

Getting all of your activities synchronized means connecting them all to one system. Lean principles are difficult to implement from an excel sheet or pen-and-paper archive: modern manufacturers are turning to comprehensive ERP or WMS systems to provide up-to-the-second details on inventory, order status, and more.

Reducing interruptions in the process lets you deliver products as needed—you won’t have to keep a large inventory on hand to meet customer demands for quick delivery.

It’s no secret that reducing inventory helps your bottom line, but how can you make sure your team can move fast enough to fill orders without delays? Wearable computers are a great way to maximize the productivity of your team members while increasing order accuracy, which is why 45% of today’s warehouse executives are planning to deploy them.[ii]

Make lean thinking part of your culture, and relentlessly strive to eliminate waste.

If you’re looking for a partner to help you go further in your waste-free strategy, consider the SMS Group. To learn about how we’ve helped other organizations implement lean principles successfully. more, give us a call at 937-498-2700 or fill a contact form and we will be in touch.


[i] Langer et. al 2007. Assessing the Impact of RFID on Return Center Logistics
[ii] Zebra Warehousing 2020 Survey



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