15 Jan

Creating Warehouse Efficiencies with Android Devices

It’s no surprise that in 2019, when it comes to data collection and mobile workflows warehouses are under increased pressure to meet today’s on demand expectations.

Speed is now more critical than ever and nothing less than complete order accuracy with full visibility tracking will suffice if businesses want to not only retain their customers, but their brands reputation.

We’ve discussed the best practices for effective mobile manufacturing. Now we look at why Android devices have become an essential part of warehouse operations, assisting everything from picking and packing to put away tasks.

  • Quicker Adoption – The use of Android makes adoption quicker for organizations, especially for Millennials – a key group that is the future of the global workforce. Using devices with a familiar operating system like Android can ease the learning curve for workers, including those who are often hired on a seasonal basis to meet the demands.
  • Improved Security – Organizations are under attack, and security breaches are constantly making headlines. Today’s global community of hackers is creating advanced malware and launching it into organizations through a variety of attack routes. While no operating system can prevent 100 percent of malware from entering the network, the current Android platform security ensures devices, data, and apps are safe through exploit mitigation and device encryption.
  • Longer Life Expectations –Users get more life out of Android devices than ever before – even in rugged warehouse environments.

The SMS Group provides a comprehensive suite of solutions focused on bringing clarity to your manufacturing processes. In your battle for efficiency and profitability, our products and services give you the insight to identify and eliminate sources of waste and lost production. From the big picture to the crucial details, The SMS Group gives you the power to track, analyze, and improve everything about your shop. Contact us online to learn more or call 937-498-2700.

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