23 Apr

Change is Coming: Are You Ready?

The workforce mobility revolution is happening right now, and a new era of productivity has begun.

Mobile technologies are rapidly moving into every area of manufacturing and the battle to eliminate waste and inefficiency has become the key to saving businesses from being obsolete against the competition. We’ve written about how using the right technology maintains and improves quality, reduces downtime and improves traceability. Over the course of the next year, chances of experiencing inadequate coverage, dropped calls, and no access to data will dramatically increase if using legacy technology. It’s now more important than ever for companies to re-evaluate their mobile strategy to migrate disruptive risks.

Change is Coming

Microsoft announced it would end support of Windows® Embedded Handheld 6.5 by 2020 and Windows Embedded Compact 7.0 by 2021. Additionally, Verizon 2G/3G networks will retire by 2020 and other carriers are expected to follow. Ending OS support will affect operations in many ways including no access to data, spotty coverage, jittery streaming, dropped calls, and an unfriendly user experience. Companies can gain stability and capabilities with modern technology by shifting their focus to 4G LTE. The deployment of LTE is another step in the evolution of the mobile network. offers what legacy networks can’t. Several benefits of migrating to LTE include greater coverage, increased reliability, 10x data speed of 3G, shorter latency times, simultaneous voice + data, as well as better audio quality.

Let SMS Group help

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