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A Complete Manufacturing Solution – Android Devices

The manufacturing industry is highly automated. This is how it has always been. However, we’ve seen a shift in the last decade – mobile technologies are rapidly moving into every area of manufacturing and the battle to eliminate waste and inefficiency has become the key to saving businesses from being obsolete against the competition. read more

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05 Oct

Best Practices for Effective Mobile Manufacturing

The challenges manufacturers face daily are not new, but what once was enough to get the job done is no longer, and now organizations have to embrace the technology that is readily available. Now a day’s it’s nearly impossible to think of one industry that hasn’t implemented mobile manufacturing into their daily workflows and the manufacturing industry is no exception.

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5 Functions to Employ Mobile Manufacturing Apps for a Better Bottom Line

In the consumer world, there’s an app for everything. Want to check your kid’s team schedule? There’s an app for that. Need directions? There’s an app for that too. Want to check tomorrow’s weather? Ditto.  You get the picture. Apps are everywhere, and for good reason. They make things easy—and not just in your personal life. In the last several years, apps have become more and more ingrained in business processes.

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22 Nov

What the End of Windows Means for You

Microsoft has announced their plan to end service for several of their widely-used mobile operating systems. Here’s the timeline:

  • Windows Embedded CE 6.0 is scheduled to end service on 6/10/2018
  • Windows Embedded 8.1 Handheld is scheduled to end service on 6/9/2019
  • Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 is scheduled to end service on 1/14/2020

What about Windows 10 Mobile, the versatile OS that supports ruggedized mobile devices for many organizations? Since Windows 10 follows the Windows as a Service lifecycle, it depends on the version of your device. That means your devices may end support on 1/9/2018, or may be supported until 12/10/2019.
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