22 Sep

5 Mobile Solutions that Boost Operational Performance

Mobile solutions are rapidly becoming prevalent in the warehouse as companies are looking to replace outdated systems with new technology in order to increase operational performance. New devices like mobile scanners, rugged handhelds, and mobile printers provide warehouse and distribution center managers with the tools they need to streamline and increase accuracy and productivity.

Mobility can enhance almost every workflow in the warehouse. From shipping and receiving, to picking and packing, to a multitude of other applications, mobile solutions provide workers with the power to complete their tasks in a more efficient, productive manner. However, for companies looking to add mobility to their operations, it is not as simple as just deciding to implement new technology—they must find and employ the right technology for their needs.

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dolphin_70e_blackRugged Handhelds

Capturing real-time information is crucial to increasing visibility into your business, and thus, determining the areas that need improvement. Rugged handhelds ensure the reliable capture of information in the harshest work environments.

Interested in rugged handhelds? Check out the Honeywell Dolphin 70e Black and the Zebra 3600


Hands-free solutions are a great way to improve efficiency. Wearable solutions boost worker productivity by freeing up their hands to get more done. In addition, many wearable solutions capture valuable, real-time data that can be analyzed to make further optimizations.

For more, view the Honeywell Wearable Solution Guide


An alternative, or better yet, complement to wearable solutions, is voice-based technology. Voice technology has a wealth of benefits, many of which stem from the fact that workers don’t have to slow down or stop to give or receive information.

For more benefits on voice technology, check out our blog post, 5 Reasons to Start Using Voice-Based Apps.

mobile_printerMobile printers

The beauty of mobile printers is that they can be deployed exactly where they’re needed. This reduces the amount of unnecessary steps workers have to take if a printer is located far away from where it is needed.

For help on selecting the right mobile printer, read Top 5 Tips for Choosing Mobile Printers

OSVector concept operating system on the screen of computer tablet laptop smartphone. Flat style. Web infographics

While not technically a technology, choosing an operating system is a major decision that affects all other technology and infrastructure in the workplace. Windows, Android, and iOS each have their pros and cons—the right choice depends on each company’s needs and preferences. For example:

Windows—Strong development environment and widely supported

Android—Very broad range of devices from many vendors that support the OS

iOS—Tightly controlled environment

For more, read Strategic Insights into Selecting the Operating System that Best Meets your Long-Term Business Vision

Every company is unique. There is no solution or combination of technologies that will be a perfect fit for everyone. To find mobile solutions and software tailored to your business needs, contact the SMS Group.

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