01 Jun

5 Benefits of Barcode Scanning Apps (For Any Step of the Supply Chain)

Barcodes are widely used because they provide a fast, accurate, cost-effective, and easy-to-implement method of tracking. With a barcode tracking system in place, every step of the supply chain benefits from access to the same, up-to-date information on parts and components as they make their way from warehouse shelf to factory floor to end destination.

There are many scanning technologies and options available to manufacturers, each with its share of pros and cons. Rather than invest in more of this single-purpose equipment, many manufacturers are adding flexibility while streamlining with mobile apps.

We’ve recently written about the rise of mobile technology in manufacturing¸ and the benefits mobile apps provide to manufacturers. A great area to start incorporating mobile apps is with barcode scanning.

Here are 5 benefits of barcode scanning apps:

1. No more heavy, bulky equipment

A smartphone in the pocket is a lot easier and more comfortable to carry around then a heavy scanner slung over your shoulder or strapped to your belt.

2. Turn any smart device into barcode scanner

There’s no need to invest in additional expensive scanning technology when any device can be transformed into a barcode scanning device—including your employees’ own devices.

3. Eliminate technology repair costs

Scanning technology can be prone to breaking down. Barcode scanning apps let you save on the high costs of repair.

4. Ensure compatibility with existing software

Whether you choose to purchase an app or build your own, you can make sure it is compatible and interfaces with any and all existing software in use.

5. Gain the security of the cloud

The ability to save and backup data gives you peace of mind that your most critical data will always be secure and accessible.

The benefits of mobile barcode scanning apps don’t stop there. Every business has unique requirements and thus, there is a unique app that can best serve their needs. To find the app right for your business, or for help implementing barcode technology into your operation, contact The SMS Group.

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