20 Apr

Why Track and Trace Is a Critical Component of Your Business

Today’s workforce is working faster than ever to keep customers happy and stay ahead of the competition.  Many of those who come to us for help to streamline processes share one common challenge: Lack of inventory visibility.  In fact, a report from Forbes and KPMG International[1] found that 40% of respondents cited lack of visibility across the extended supply chain as one of their biggest challenges.

Seeing into the Future

A crystal ball would be wonderful, but in the real world we don’t have the luxury of knowing exactly what our customers want, what our suppliers have and what we’ll need to keep business on a continued path to growth.  However, with the advances in technology, and industry leaders like Zebra, we are getting some pretty awesome tools to help customers keep their feet on the ground and their sights set on success.  Hardware solutions like mobile computers, voice-enabled devices, better network connectivity, RFID solutions and more keep workers connected and armed with the data they need.  When an organization does not have operational visibility, they risk losing worker productivity (parts shortages, compliance issues, etc.), end up spending more on expedited shipments and paying higher unit costs on inventory.  They also struggle with the data coming at them and lack the ability to sort it all out.  We now have technology available to work smarter by creating greater connections between the worker and the task.  This includes the ability to access data – the right data – and have complete visibility to inventory, field activity, customer data and more.  This, in turn, enables more streamlined processes, motivated workers, and fewer errors.

Track & Trace Creates Better Connections

The ability to track and trace raw materials, component parts or other materials has a number of advantages.  Not only do you have visibility of the movement of goods, but you can also maintain better control over the quality of components or finished goods as well as maintain the necessary compliance requirements handed down from your customers.  The ability to positively confirm items, lots and shipments give you confidence of near 100% accuracy every time something leaves your shipping dock.  In the event of a defect, recall or even items with limited shelf life, easily locating those items and being able to identify and quickly disposition them is critical to strengthening relationships with customers and suppliers, and limiting your own risk.

Benefits of Track & Trace

  • More efficient processes
  • Better control over quality confidence
  • Costs savings (minimal risk of non-compliance, lost shipments, quality issues)
  • Increase customer satisfaction; protect consumers (health and safety)
  • Enhance vendor and supplier accountability

Taking advantage of the advanced technologies offered today will be an investment worth making.  Better management of data, inventory, productivity and quality control will result in controlled costs, an empowered workforce, happier customers and greater profitability.  If a track and trace solution is just what your business needs, we can help.  Contact us today to get started.

Sports fan or not, here’s a fun and interesting application for the NFL for track and trace of player movements and data using Zebra RFID solution.  https://www.si.com/edge/2015/03/05/nfl-player-tracking-technology-new-orleans-saints

[1] KPMG International Global Manufacturing Outlook: Performance in the crosshairs

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