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Total Cost of Ownership and its Role in your Mobile Strategy

Mobile devices can boost operational performance, improve workplace safety, and increase employee productivity in your warehousing, manufacturing, or logistics environment. In fact according to Honeywell, mobile is the future and “is even predicted that by 2020, [devices] will outsell PC’s by a factor of ten.” Mobile devices, however, are not without their difficulties, security risks, or expenses. To ensure your business gets the most out of its mobile devices, you must look to the future and develop a mobile strategy.

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07 Feb

Work Faster, Reduce Errors: Android and Apple Devices Drive Productivity

Mobile devices are a double-edged sword—improving productivity for a stronger bottom line while also, if not properly maintained, posing a risk to your network security. The stakes become even higher for companies using devices supported by Microsoft as the company plans to phase out its support for mobile by 2020. Not only will Windows mobile devices no longer receive security patches, they will also continue to fall behind devices supported by Android and Apple, becoming slower and more obsolete.

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23 Jan

5 Functions to Employ Mobile Manufacturing Apps for a Better Bottom Line

In the consumer world, there’s an app for everything. Want to check your kid’s team schedule? There’s an app for that. Need directions? There’s an app for that too. Want to check tomorrow’s weather? Ditto.  You get the picture. Apps are everywhere, and for good reason. They make things easy—and not just in your personal life. In the last several years, apps have become more and more ingrained in business processes.

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04 Jan

Why It Pays to Understand Mobile App Migration

As the fight for efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction rages on, smartphone technology has emerged as a critical “weapon” for manufacturers, distributors, and logistics organizations. Deployed strategically, mobile technology can help organizations spend less and get more done.

Now, the mobile landscape is changing dramatically. Microsoft is ending Windows mobile OS support in 2020, an organizations are moving to migrate their applications and programs to next-generation mobility platforms. This migration is big—and the choices organizations make here will pay dividends (or cause headaches) for years to come.

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